Carving Photos

Carving Care 1

Carving Care 2

Carving Care 3

Wood Spirit Faces

Turtle and Pigs


Wall Hangings


Owl Table

Double Owl Table w/ shelf

Eagle Bench

Double Owl Table

Coat Racks

Butterfly on Flower

Eagle on Perch


Owl 2

Knot Owls

Animal Post



Bear holding table

Moose w/sign

Swinging Bear

Bear w/ welcome sign

Bear w/ Lantern (arm down)

Bear & Moose w/ Signs

Bear sitting w/ heart

Walking Bear

Barre Bear w/ welcome base

Barre Bear

Knot Bear

Bear Sitting

Bear sitting w/ fishing pole (can have fish or solar light jar)

Bears Sitting (left w/ solar jar, Right w/ business cards

Bear sitting w solar Jar

Bear belaying w/ beehive bird house

Welcome Sign w cardinal, blue jay, owl and tree

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome Sign w/ trees {2", 3",and 4" wide letters)

Custom Sign w/ trees

Custom Sign w/ Bear

Custom wall hanging inspired by the sea!

Custom Logo Sign

Welcome Sign w/ paws

Made In The USA Sign

Custom Logo 2

Custom sign 2

Double Hearts Sign w bark edging

Custom Logos 3

Legal imprint