About Me

I have been a full time chainsaw artist for about 20 years. One day I watched my friend carve a bear and bird house in my front yard. I said, "I can do that! Show me how to do a bear."

He was very insistent that we start with a bird house. I knew I could do that, but he was not going to take my word on that. So I carved one and it came out great. So, I said, "Now show me how to do a bear."

Well, my bear was nothing great, but he was special in his own way! With lots of practice I got better and better.

Take a look at my web site to see some of the carvings I have made. Everything from 3" mini bears to 30' totem poles! 

My wife and I, along with our two kids moved from NY to Vermont in 2016 for an opportunity to open our first gallery. (2020 update) We have moved down the street to our new house! We are hoping to have our gallery remodeled and open soon! We have a lot of work to do, but we look forward to expanding soon. Please stop on by to see our ever-changing inventory of chainsaw carvings.
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